Frequently asked questions

Don't panic, the Puppy Coach series has been designed with busy family life in mind, you can take the learning journey at your own pace.

There is no pressure to watch or read within a certain period of time, once you have signed up and chosen your package the films are yours to view and all literature is yours to keep.

Even if you are planning ahead and haven't actually taken delivery of your new arrival you can still sign up early and make sure you're prepared, then watch them again in line with your puppy's development from when they arrive in your home.

The website is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and Jo will liaise with you directly to book any Skype calls* or email conversations*.

The answer to this is totally at your discretion. While the Puppy Coach advice brings a whole new way of gaining knowledge about dog behaviour and learning how best to integrate your puppy into family life, it is no replacement for structured one to one time with your puppy in a controlled environment. I would particularly recommend this if you are in an area that doesn't allow for good social exposure to other dogs or a safe means of teaching recall.

Puppy Coach video no.5 - Building a Relationship with your Puppy - provides detailed advice on finding a good puppy training class and you will also find a list of recommended trainers on the We Recommend page.

That said you can rest assured that signing up to the Puppy Coach packages will provide you with a thorough and detailed level of education and set you up to become a knowledgeable, confident and capable dog owner. You may well decide to fine tune your obedience work or take up a dog sport as you have done so well. Working trials is a great all-round dog sport and an overview of this is provided in video no.6 - Working Trials - Introducing a Dog Sport.

Jo works on an open and comprehensive set of canine behaviour skills to provide the very best techniques of managing a new puppy and efficiently guiding them into a domestic lifestyle. This is dependent on the personality and character of the puppy, their ability to learn, breed pre-disposition and early social learning.

While it is impossible to cover all eventualities via a set of videos, the techniques shown will definitely aid better management and control and provide a concise and effective means of training your new puppy and have been tried and tested on Jo's cases and her own dogs over a number of years.

She has utilised all her experience and knowledge to ensure methods are positive, agreeable to both dog and owner and effective.

To ensure an efficient program her advice is based heavily on rewards in the form of praise, toys, treats and freedom. Any controls required to manage poor behaviour are applied using a lead for physical management and recognition of the dogs ability to cope, staying within it and removing if things escalate.

This management process requires a visual perception to really be understood so the film footage is invaluable, however you can be confident that all handling is non-invasive, kind and fair and any direction given is applied with the correct communication and with clarity for the puppy to understand. More about this is discussed in video no.19 - Discipline and Control.

Dog behaviour as a professional title provides an umbrella for an extremely diverse level of knowledge, academia and experience. Much of the advice available is based on the opinions of others and either accepted by many or few depending on its viability.

A lot of work with dogs is variable, no dog is the same, nor are two human's the same. We all have our own experiences and I am proud to say I have always taken on board another individuals advice and considered it before agreeing or disagreeing. Much of my learning has occurred from absorbing a number of opinions and then forming my own based on my experiences.

I cannot guarantee the advice you receive here from me throughout the series will not conflict with something else you have heard, I expect that it will on some level. I can only assure you that I approach every situation with my clients and their puppy's best interest in mind and deliver the very best advice based on what has worked for me during my years of working with dogs in all sort of capacities. I have a realistic, straight forward and easy to apply strategy when working with clients and their puppies.

I aim to get the very best from them without creating confusion and I am successful with all individuals from our older generation down to the youngest member of the family, each and every one of you can and will be successful with the Puppy Coach advice.

* applicable packages only