Testimonials for PuppyCoach.com

Laura & Indie

5 stars

We had some behavioural issues with our puppy and found Jo, not only is she a lovely lady but really knows her stuff.

She took us back to basics in training our puppy and helped us set boundaries in our very hectic household. We now have a calmer, happier puppy and are loving every minute.

Jo is the first person i will call if we have any other doggie problems!

Thanks Jo!

The Godsaves & Darcy

5 stars

A big thank you to Jo for her knowledge, expertise and patience. We are first time dog owners and it doesn't matter how much you read, nothing prepares you better than an expert and that's where Jo came in.

Jo offered us a pre-puppy afternoon which was invaluable. Jo took into account our lifestyle, home layout and told us what to expect. This proved vital as everything Jo said happened and armed us with the skills to tackle the first few nights and beyond. The PuppyCoach.com videos were excellent as we were able to see Jo's advice practically.

We can honestly say that without Jo's guidance and expertise Darcy would not be the dog she is today.

We would confidently recommend Jo to anybody purchasing a new puppy or anyone experiencing problems with their dog.

Thanks Jo from the Godsaves (and of course little Darcy)!

Kerry & Willis

5 stars

When we made the decision to get our new Rottweiler puppy Willis, we knew we would be in need of some guidance along the way. Having had Rottweilers in the past, we had an idea of the basics but our puppy experiences seemed so long ago!

Our journey and understanding through the settling in period, training sessions and general day to day dealings with Willis were made so enjoyable and straight forward down to the help and support of Jo at Puppy Coach.

Her extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and passion shined through every session we had with her and we would certainly recommend her to anyone who is considering bringing a new puppy home.

Thank you Jo for all your help in building such strong foundations for Willis leading him into adulthood, we couldn't of done it without you!

Jenny & Sheba

5 stars

Jo has worked with our dogs for over 10 years. Jake, our Belgian Shepherd rescue dog came to us with lots of problems and soon developed attachment issues when we went out and was aggressive with other dogs.

Jo worked patiently with him, bringing her own dog Merlin to walk with Jake and get him used to a calmer dog. He became devoted to our older German Shepherd Grace and when she died Jake was a lost soul.

We decided to get a German Shepherd bitch pup a few months later (Sheba) who Jo trained from 7 weeks old. Jake accepted her really well and they are now inseparable. Sheba is very obedient and balanced and a wonderful family dog, which I put totally down to Jo’s hard work introducing her to other dogs and knowing her boundaries.

Jo really loves dogs and the dogs respond to that and will do anything for her.

Krissy & Lula

5 stars

I have known Jo for a number of years through my business as an Independent Mortgage Adviser and I was seriously thinking about getting a dog so I wanted to ensure that my first doggie was going to be given the best start and I wanted to have an initial meeting with Jo about what was best, was the dog right for us and what to really expect?

We had Lula on a weeks trial and Jo came to visit us on the last day, and I am so glad she did as I was leaning towards not keeping her. Jo put my mind at rest about all my insecurities regarding the responsibility of owning a new pup, and then a fully grown Bull Mastiff!

Jo have given us invaluable help and direction with our new member of the family, and I have had a few sessions with Jo in regards to many aspects of training our puppy and I will continue to do so. My daughter and I went to Jo’s seminar and it was fantastic, just instilled again all the do’s and don’t with our canine friend.

I’ve read other testimonials on Jo’s site and I can hand on heart say that Jo’s work with you as owners and with the dogs is amazing.

I will continue to recommend Jo, and use Jo’s services. Lula being a Bull Mastiff can be quite stubborn and hard work, but Jo has gone through potential issues before they have arisen so we know how to deal with them, if they do.

Lula is currently 4 months old, and having her is so rewarding, and so much more gratification than I ever expected. The best part of a stressful day is coming home to my new dog.

I often read back on the Canine Leadership Plan Jo sent me – this has been my bible. Thank you so much Jo, and see you soon.

Luciana & Maximus

5 stars

What an amazing difference a morning of behaviour consultation makes! Our over boisterous 17 month old doberman maximus turned in to a calm well behaved boy in a matter of hours!

Honestly we can’t thank you enough Jo, you came in and effortlessly changed all of the negatives we had into positive behaviour.

The best thing for me is actually being able to enjoy taking maximus on walks without being dragged down the road, or having him react to things around us (runners, motorbikes, dogs etc).

Other people’s attitudes towards him are so much better as well, as they can now see I am in control of him and I can be proud of the way he conducts himself.

Maximus is also so much less demanding in the house and has readily accepted his new role in our family and all of the changes we have made.

I would definitely recommend your services to anyone who has training or behaviour issues with their dog/dogs.

Thanks Luciana x