19 - Puppy Discipline and Control (09:50)

The word discipline should be taken as a means of managing and offering guidance and learning to your puppy, rather than the use of harsh verbal or physical cues when things go wrong. Jo shows you how to achieve calm control of your puppy with a simple 3 stage method. Providing boundaries for guidance and removal as a consequence. You will begin to understand how your puppy views your social situations and recognise when they are not coping.

If you follow Jo's tips you should never feel out of control or anxious over your puppy's behaviour, you are merely showing them how to behave around humans and in social environments to facilitate their early learning and build manners and self control.

  • Encouraging your puppy's positive social learning
  • Understanding the use of boundaries as control
  • Considering your living environment
  • Positive re-enforcement and clicker training

Puppy Discipline and Control

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