14 - Puppy Play (05:18)

Learn to read your puppy's body language and communication during puppy play, via this short video tutorial, packed full of useful points and clear direction to help you understand normal puppy play and gauge when its necessary to intervene.

Play between puppies and with other adult dogs can often appear challenging but it is an important part of your puppy's development, ensuring this is executed safely and positively is essential if you are to avoid a negative experience. 

Jo takes you on a guided tour of what to look out for and what is normal so you can make informed decisions on the level of control you have.

Finally, you will also learn about 'bite inhibition' and understand its relevence in your puppy's social interactions.

You will definitely look like the most informed puppy owner at the park once you have watched this video.

  • Normal puppy play
  • Poor puppy play and how to stop it
  • Importance of positive play for your puppy
  • Understanding canine bite inhibition

Puppy Play

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