01 & 02 - Puppy Coach Introduction Pack

Puppy Coach has been produced as a one stop guide to help all new puppy owners learn all they need to know to raise a happy, healthy puppy safely through the first year of their life.

It is packed full of interesting and invaluable information to ensure owners are equipped with the knowledge and physical tools to provide the most positive means of puppy management.

In these 2 free film's your host - Jo Croft - guides through the depth of information in the series, lets you into the thought process and motivation for the Puppy Coach project and provides a glimpse of her true passion, not just for dogs but for educating a wider audience in all she has learnt.

Finally, you will also gain an understanding of the format the videos take and the inclusion of the 'task' section which will allow you to track your progression at the end of each film and help you remain focused on your own puppy's progression.

Watch the first video above right now then click the button on the right above to get the second video where you will learn more about Jo and her qualifications, absoultely free.

Puppy Coach Introduction Pack

See the depth of the Puppy Coach educational video series and get to know your host - Jo Croft - in these 2 free videos!

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