25 - Observing a Live Puppy Consult: Part 01 (34:45)

In this film Jo meets Kerry, a busy mum with 3 young children and her puppy Rottweiler "Willis". Join them for this consultation, filmed totally live.

Kerry provides Jo with the areas she is concerned about and Jo highlights further key points for control and provides guidance and knowledge on how to succesfully manage and train Willis to be a balanced, safe and sociable member of their family.

Raising a well behaved puppy is hard work if you are to be successful, managing a young family at the same time can be the difference between success and failure. This film provides a contrast to Hogan and raises all the flash point areas responsible for embedding poor behaviour in a puppy.

Jo takes you step by step through each point for consideration, providing short, sharp clarity on what you should be aiming to achieve, what can be ignored and how you should prepare to set the puppy up for a successful outcome.

A focus is given to managing the dogs resources: food, attention, possessions, territory and how you maintain consistent control in order to avoid poor responses such as coprophagia, food aggression, boisterous and dangerous behaviour.

  • Managng the puppy's needs around family life
  • Mouthing and jumping up
  • Health checks
  • Communication
  • Boundaries and control
  • Using a baby gate to create a calm down time area
  • Establishing control of territory
  • Feeding regime
  • Assessment of the young puppy
  • Recognising the importance of resources
  • Puppy socialisation
  • Basic puppy obedience and lead work
  • Highlighting problem areas
  • Play
  • Teaching puppy self control
  • Delivering praise
  • Managing a puppy around children


Observing a Live Puppy Consult: Part 01

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