13 - Human-led Play (09:14)

Your puppy isn't born to understand how to play and interact with a human, this needs to be learnt, what and how you teach them is an important part of their development.

Jo takes you through all the positive avenues of play, guides you through the types of toys available and when and how to use them. She discusses the motivation for play, breed predispositions and the expression of innate behaviours.

You will also learn how to prevent stealing of objects and how to respond if this occurs.

This tutorial will set you up to truly understand the value of this element of social learning, you will be excited to try out your new control through play once you have seen this video and you are guarenteed to lay the foundations for a fantastic, positive relationship with your puppy.

  • Bonding with your puppy through play
  • Expression of canine innate behaviours
  • Self control in puppy play
  • Dealing with your puppy stealing
  • Owner control and puppy social learning
  • Motivation for play in your puppy
  • Types of puppy toys available

Human-led Play

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