22 - Socialisation Part 2: Children and Your Puppy (10:08)

This relationship really is the most difficult one to build. Children are unpredictable and erratic in their behaviour and this makes them tricky for a puppy to communicate with. The advice in this film is given with safety at the forefront. You should always be present during any social interaction between a dog and a child even if they are both yours! If you are uncomfortable beginning the initial association or your puppy is older then please do seek Jo's advice first by email.

If you are comfortable progressing then Jo provides clear advice on this subject and offers methods in how to execute safe management and teach both parties personal space awareness. She also shows you how to facilitate a clear interaction and involve children in the puppy training sessions.

This important subject should be addressed as early on in the puppy's life as possible, this video will give you the ideas and confidence to ensure successful socialisation.

  • How to manage a puppy around children
  • Involving children in puppy training sessions
  • Making puppy interaction fun
  • Play with toys

Children and Your Puppy

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