04 - Collecting your Puppy (08:49)

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Collecting your new arrival should be a straight forward & exciting event but it is also an important transition for your puppy. To make this as smooth as possible Jo will talk you through all the essential points you need to address, including what to expect from your breeder and how best to transport your puppy.

Jo also guides you through the first few days and how to introduce another resident dog safely. 

Once you have run through this film, you will be confident that you will be able to provide your puppy with a smooth transition into your family home.


  • Essential Information to ask the breeder on collection of your puppy
  • Choosing an appropriate time to bring your puppy home
  • The journey home
  • Introduction to other animals including another family dog
  • First few nights
  • Considering vaccination status and its effects on social time


Collecting your Puppy

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