05 - Building a Relationship with your Puppy (13:00)

This detailed film will touch on all the early factors to focus on to ensure you build a positive relationship with your puppy from the start.

Jo points out all the important aspects of a good dog owner relationship, teaching manners, self control and spacial awareness in a calm and structured way.

Jo's calm and consistent attitude shows you how to make sure you remain a positive focus for your puppy, allowing you to observe the body language indicators the dog so readily uses as their first line of communication.

Jo's extensive knowledge on the effects of stress and early warning signs of anxiety in the dog is simplified for you so you are able to read the early signs of problems arising. Knowing your puppy's stress indicators will really help you guide your puppy in social enviornments and Jo teaches you these throughout.

While PuppyCoach is designed as an all encompassing education platform, you may also wish to attend a dog sport or class, Jo has included invaluable information in this video on how to source a good class and what to expect.

  • Canine communication
  • Canine stress indicators
  • Dog training and dog behaviour, whats the difference?
  • Choosing a dog obedience class or dog sport
  • Puppy classes
  • Manners, self control and personal space awareness

Building a Relationship with your Puppy

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