21 - Interacting with Siblings and Other Dogs (31:32)

This detailed video offers a wide range of informative guidance. While the focus is on training basic obedience and manners outdoors, you will also be privy to how Hogan interacts with his siblings, and the body language and communication they use. 

The video was filmed live in a public park and contains all the normal occurrences you should expect on your walk, from other dogs approaching, to recall problems and exploring new sights and smells. Jo has included clear guidance on working with your puppy both on and off lead, how to manage poor behaviour and when to intervene when two dogs are playing. This provides clarity on what you should expect from positive socialisation.

You will also learn how to teach the word 'No', and release commands such as drop/leave and out. Interacting with your puppy through play is shown along with an emphasis on maintaining the leadership in your relationship.

This video is longer than most as it is designed to set you up for all eventualities you may experience when you work your puppy outdoors. You can rest assured you will be a knowledgable and prepared dog owner once you have viewed this footage.

  • puppy body language and communication
  • puppy obedience
  • puppy socialisation
  • puppy play
  • findiing a positive motivator for your puppy
  • meeting and greeting other dogs
  • basic dog obedience training
  • recall
  • puppy introduction to water
  • puppy heel work and lead manners


Interacting with Siblings and Other Dogs

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