06 - Working Trials - Introducing a Dog Sport (07:00)

In this video we will consider which discipline will best suit the breed of dog you have, taking into account:

  • Instinctive breed pre-dispositions
  • The dogs physical and mental ability
  • The dogs energy levels
  • The dogs ability to focus
  • Spotlight on working trials

We will also take an in depth look at working trials and discuss the relevance of the age of your puppy and introduction to dog sports. You can observe Jo's early progression with Hogan and how she instructs Marley her golden doodle to do a variety of tasks.

Jo talks you through the ability and working drive of a few popular breeds and the importance of keeping your expectations realistic.

This detailed account of a multi-disciplined dog sport is guarenteed to get you wanting more from your relationship with your puppy, you will really see what can be achieved with hard work and determination.

Working Trials (Introducing a Dog Sport)

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