10 - Puppy Feeding and Nutrition (12:00)

Food will be your most effective tool to teach your puppy, so ensure you have maximum control around its delivery. Learn everything you will need to know about food and your puppy as Jo gives you a complete account of the dogs perception of food, how to manage them and ways of slowing down a puppy who consumes its food with lightening speed!

This important subject can be confusing for some new puppy owners as there is a vast array of information and products available. Jo simplifies this detailed subject but still provides you with a solid understanding and invaluable physical tools to execute the process efficiently.

Finally, this video contains live footage from the case study consult, following 'Willis' the Rottweiller and his family as he integrates into their home. Watch Jo direct his owner 'Kerry' through a basic and effective feeding regime with a successful end result.

  • Canine perception of food
  • Food as a high prize resource
  • Puppy feeding regime
  • Types and amount of food to feed
  • A list of all substances to avoid that are toxic to dogs
  • Live consult following an owner and her puppy as their learn a feeding regime
  • Keeping the puppy's feeding regime positive

Puppy Feeding and Nutrition

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