12 - Teaching your Puppy Self Control and Establishing a Routine (05:00)

In order to encourage self-control your puppy should have a lifestyle that is managed with structure and routine. Learn how to build your puppy's confidence and establish a routine using the direction given in this video.

Jo focuses heavily on self control exercises to ensure your puppy remains balanced and in a position to learn throughout, this is invaluable learning to help you achieve effective socialisation.

Jo has treated many over-stimulated, over-socialised dogs who have inadvertently developed behavour problems as a result of poor social experiences. This video highlights the key areas of when, and how to apply self control techniques.

You will be the most important individual in your puppy's life if you follow Jo's guidance.

  • Self control exercises in dog training
  • Establishing a routine for your puppy
  • Building on your puppy's confidence
  • Making yourself important to your puppy

Teaching your Puppy Self Control and Establishing a Routine

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