OMEGA Puppy Training Package

RECEIVE ALL 30 FILMS! This package comprises over 6 hours of specially selected footage covering a variety of knowledge on ALL key topics. Footage was collected during the development and training of 'Hogan' the Labrador puppy and is delivered via 30 individual videos focused on specific subjects. While the Labrador and a Rottweiler are the featured breeds, the footage will also apply to all other breeds and be relevant for dogs at all stages of development.

Puppy Coach has been produced as a one stop guide to help all new puppy owners learn all they need to know to raise a happy, healthy puppy safely through the first year of their life. The package also provide's underpinning 'at home' support for owners undergoing training at local classes and with individual trainers.

It is packed full of interesting and invaluable information to ensure owners are equipped with the knowledge and physical tools to provide the most positive means of puppy management.

At any stage you will be able to make contact with Jo Croft MA should you wish to upgrade to a bespoke one to one service or receive email support. Please contact [email protected] to dicsuss your needs.

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