23 - Socialisation Part 3: Visiting the Breeder (12:35)

Gain a little knowledge on the perspective of a dog breeder as Jo interviews Hogans breeder. Recognising what goes into giving a puppy the best start in life.

Visiting the breeder also gives Jo the chance to socialise Hogan around a variety of different animals. In the video she delivers clear direction in how to manage this and consideration is given to all areas of your relationship with your puppy, not just obedience.

View Hogans behaviour as he reacquaints himself with his mother and settles into a different social dynamic. Exposing your puppy to many social enviornments is advantageous but ensure you follow the detail in the video and do so in a controlled manner.

  • A dog breeders perspective
  • What good breeding consists of?
  • Socialising your puppy around livestock
  • Understanding the dogs 'prey' or 'chase' drive
  • Observing your puppy around other balanced dogs
  • Why socialise your puppy?

Visiting the Breeder

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