30 - Introduction to Adolescence & Final Guidance (19:58)

Welcome to your final film. While your puppy period may have been challenging at times it will have been easy in comparison to the adolescence phase, this will bring about a whole new set of areas to focus on. 

Your dog should be well on the way to having a good relationship with you, developing manners and self control and have a solid understanding of obedience and human communication. Your knowledge will set you up to cope with adolescence and remain motivated to keep vigilant with all aspects of your leadership and training.

In this video Jo works with Willis the Rotti and Hogan during two separate phases of the adolescent period. She provides you with a realistic, birds eye view of what it is like to manage two large dogs and how rewarding it can be when this is successful. She also shows you that problems can arise no matter how well trained your dog is and what to do when things occur.

Jo touches on all key flash point areas, re-visits obedience, guest arrival, recall and most importantly managing instinctive or reactive behaviours. This film will really set you up with realistic expectations of what may be ahead and ensure you increase your training rather than start to back off.

  • Observation of two dogs in two separate adolescent phases
  • Outdoor socialisation
  • Instinctive canine behaviours
  • Recall
  • Using a clicker in dog training
  • Maintaining leadership at home
  • Managing the dog around a guest arrival
  • Utilising doorways and openings as boundaries and energy control
  • Basic dog obedience and manners in the adolescent dog

Introduction to Adolescence & Final Guidance

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