09 - Puppy Toilet Training (04:20)

Toilet training is exactly what it says, you are building a habit for your puppy to toilet in a specific place outdoors.

Jo shows you how to achieve this in this simple and clear video tutorial. She provides you with all the direction you need to follow to create an asssociation with this involuntary act and the area involved. Jo also discusses when accidents indoors are more than just inadequate training, when you should expect to make progress and when to seek help.

Follow this simple guidance, there is no room for a lack of attention to detail here, it may look easy but Jo re-enforces that consistency is hugely important for a successful result. 

  • Building a habit for effective toilet training
  • Realistic expectations 
  • Time scales for successful puppy toilet training
  • Puppy toilet training as a problem behaviour

Puppy Toilet Training

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