26 - Observing a Live Puppy Consult: Part 02 (19:22)

Join Jo as she pays Kerry and her family a second visit to see how they are getting along with their new puppy Rottweiler "Willis".

In this invaluable film, Jo provides clarity on the role of Nick (Kerry's husband) in raising Willis, who is finding it difficult to manage Willis in the short periods he has at home during the week after work. Jo also talks in detail about setting a routine for managing Willis within a normal family environment and provides you with the method for a simple technique to help Willis cope with a successful integration.

Finally, Jo works with Kerry and Nick's three children, developing a lovely training avenue around feeding time for them all to build structure and respect of Willis and help them recognise him as a dog that they can help raise and train, rather than a new toy or play buddy addition to their family.

  • Individual family roles of managing a puppy
  • Method for successful integration of the puppy into a family situation
  • Advice on integrating the puppy with the children
  • Clear and consistent feeding regime

Observing a Live Puppy Consult: Part 02

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