08 - Crate or 'Down-time' Training (11:54)

In this video Jo will talk you through the best way of associating this invaluable piece of training equipment positively, ensuring your puppy bounces into it and settles down happily.

You will be guided step by step in how to provide positive learning for your puppy, given an in depth understanding of the purpose of a crate and how to avoid it becoming negative for your puppy.

Clear direction is given on how to teach your puppy to understand a positive 'trigger' word so that you can easily mark and reward good behaviours.

The video includes invaluable information on how to create a transition from the crate into your social space, a probem area that Jo commonly has to treat when she rehabilitates bouncy puppies.

Finally, Jo has included some live footage for you to see that Hogan also had moments of discomfort while learning solitary time. You are privy to the way she uses her quiet, clear and calm body language, backed up with a treat reward delivered for positive behaviour, to get him through this rocky period.

Jo has covered every aspect of visual learning and understanding of this training so that you are able to walk away and perform the whole process by yourself confidently.

  • Choosing a dog crate or down time area
  • Ensuring the correct size of dog crate
  • Positive association for your puppy with the crate
  • Avoiding a stressed puppy
  • Associating a trigger word
  • Using the crate to control a puppy's behaviour and help them cope
  • Includes live footage
  • When and how to close the crate door
  • Transitioning your puppy from the crate into a social space

Crate or 'Down-time' Training

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