18 - Poor Behaviour From Other Approaching Dogs (06:50)

Poor behaviour is common in the domestic dog in todays society, however it is avoidable with the correct management. In this video Jo provides you with key points to focus on to ensure you avoid flash points in your relationship and while you are outside socialising your puppy.

You will understand what 'poor' dog behaviour is, how to avoid it developing, how to communicate correctly to your dog, plus guidance is given on how to protect your puppy from other unbalanced dogs.

Should the worst happen and your puppy sustains a negative incident then direction is also given in how to manage this effectively to encourage a full recovery.

  • What is poor dog behaviour?
  • How to avoid poor behaviours developing
  • The importance of good communication
  • Why does poor behaviour occur
  • Protecting your puppy from other dogs
  • What to do if a negative experience occurs.

Poor Behaviour From Other Approaching Dogs

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