16 - Keeping your Puppy Focused on You and Problem Behaviours (10:00)

In this video tutorial you will be taken on a journey to understand and appreciate the importance of keeping your puppy focused on you as much as possible and how to achieve this successfully.

You are given direction on how to teach the invaluable 'LOOK' command to make positive eye contact with your puppy, how to attach energy to your controls and making the most of all of your dog obedience skills.

Jo reminds you of your leadership responsibility and how to implement this control when faced with a stimulated environment to ensure you adhere to social etiquette during your daily dog walk.

Finally, we all hope that poor behaviours don't occur in your puppy, especially if you have followed all of the Puppy Coach guidance, however we need to be realistic and given that life isn't perfect Jo has included a section on spotting and dealing with poor behaviours just so you are prepared! :-)

  • Teaching the 'Look' command
  • Tips to deliver puppy guidance and leadership
  • Protecting your puppy from risk
  • Building trust between you & your puppy
  • Considering problem behaviours and how to stop them

Keeping your Puppy Focused on You

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