28 - Training & Social Skills in Busy Places (12:02)

Having treated many over-socialised puppies, Jo considers this element of your training to be one of the most important. In this video she guides you through a high street walk, provides direction on how to help your puppy cope and how you can manage the general public.

You will also gain an understanding of your puppy's stress signals and when to make sure you give them a break. While this activity should be an easy task, Jo highlights where mistakes are made and poor behaviours are embedded. She also provides you with the knowledge to avoid problems in the future.

Make sure you take note of all the direction in this video before exposing your puppy to any challenging social experience.

  • How to utilise your dog obedience commands
  • Maintaining self control
  • Dealing with members of the public
  • Helping you puppy cope around traffic


Training & Social Skills in Busy Places

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