17 - Puppy Recall (09:11)

Recall will be one of the most important aspects of training for your puppy if you are to cement a life long enjoyable relationship on your walks. It can also be the most frustrating and difficult to embed so it is important to start as early as possible.

Jo brings together the importance of all of your learning so far to ensure you are set up to be successful when teaching recall. It really does rely heavily on solid, owner leadership direction, and is not just about delivering food when they return to you. In this video you will be given clear guidance on the pace you walk at, body language cues and understanding your environment, along with detail on how to avoid a poor repsonse, equipment needed and realistic time lines.

By following Jo's clear method for training a solid recall consistently, you will have the beginnings of an attentive puppy who enjoys following your lead and welcomes the positive attention they receive.

  • how to achieve a successful walk
  • recall equipment
  • method for recall training
  • avoiding poor behaviour


Puppy Recall

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